We specialise in cleaning and sandblasting existing headstones, old buildings, and ironworks.

We manufacture worktops in Granite, Quartz and Marble in all colours, designs and textures. Tailor-made to suit every aspect of modern living.

Our Fireplaces made from Marble and Granite in a wide rande of colours are handcrafted to specific requirements with the emphasis on finer details.

Here are some of the items that we produce at Doyles Monumental Works Ltd., which are made to the required specifications:

Headstones; Granite worktops; Fireplaces; Hand Crafted Pieces; Stone Products; Garden Furniture; Water Features; Shop Fronts; Cladding; Window Sills; Vanity Units; Signs/Plaques



Garden Furniture

Water Features & other Stoneworks

Signs & Plaques

Other Stoneworks